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Morgan News and Highlights From The UPHA Convention

Morgan attendees at the UPHA Convention at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina were active, productive and had a lot of fun. Thanks to the support of several sponsors, Harry and the Lashwhips entertained the partygoers on Friday night.   Morgan horsemen Harry Sebring, Jim Lowry and Ken Swanson were joined by their band-mates that include Chris Kinnick, Kyle Walsh, Mike Moore and Ron Clunie to rock the night away. They never sounded better.    

  Lots was accomplished at the two regularly scheduled Morgan meetings, as well as during the more casual settings that included the beach-side bar and the great restaurants nearby. Among other issues, the UPHA Classics Grand Championship's location and overall system was discussed. It was decided that the Finals would be held at the Jubilee in 2005, and that every effort would be made to raise enough funds to increase prize money for the program, so that in the future the finals may be held elsewhere. A committee was formed to look into the possibility of holding a sale to generate money to go toward the Classics program.    

  An idea was also brought up about trying to help make some positive changes in the World Morgan Futurity. A committee was formed to work with Barb Rudicel toward that goal. Diana Swanson was also appointed to head up a committee that will work on Promotion projects for the Morgan breed on behalf of UPHA. Rule proposals, past and present were discussed at length. Plans were made to propose three new rules to go to the forums this summer. A committee was also formed to work with the UPHA board toward the goal of honoring more of our very worthy Morgan professionals.     

Morgan trainers who missed the UPHA Convention this year should be aware that they missed out on quite a bit. The voices of all of the UPHA members need to be heard. Please make plans to attend next year's UPHA Convention in St. Louis.

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