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Morgan Horse Owner in National Design Competition on The History Channel


Samantha Castro (front row, 2nd from right)

and the other EDAW team members

(Editor’s note: Samantha Castro and her family have owned and shown Morgans for many years in New England. Castro was quite successful with her mare UVM Regina, who now resides at Barb Goda's Friday Farm in Alpharetta, Georgia. The following was submitted by Ms. Castro, an urban designer in Atlanta, Ga., who is a member of a team participating in a national design competition sponsored by the History Channel.)

Please help me out by going online and voting for my team and me so that we can be the national winner of a design competition and have our vision for the city of Atlanta in the year 2108 appear on the History Channel.

The History Channel's 'City of the Future: A Design and Engineering Challenge' calls on design teams to prepare, and present to judges, designs for the future of American metropolises a hundred years into the future. Each team has seven days to create its vision, only three hours to set up its model and presentation space in a public venue against seven other pre-qualified teams, and 15 minutes to present.


The EDAW team’s presentation

This year, the History Channel focused on three major cities; Atlanta, Washington DC, and San Francisco. Of eight teams that presented plans for Atlanta, EDAW (my team), along with the architecture firms of Praxis3 and BNIM were named the winner (there were around ten of us who participated), receiving a $10,000 prize and the chance to compete for the big win in the national competition against the winners from the other two cities.

Sam Castro posed with the $10,000 prize.

Drought is a major problem currently facing Atlanta. The EDAW design proposed to solve this problem by moving the city’s streams from its underground sewers back above ground so that the water could be filtered, cleaned, and reused.

The national winner of the competition will be decided by an online vote beginning now, and wrapping up April 28th. You have to register to vote, but it also means by helping me out and voting you could enter to win a flat-screen TV. Go to the link below, click on “Regional Winners” on the left hand side, and then “Atlanta” to see our final design. I was in charge of creating the main display graphics (scroll down to the very bottom of the page). Once you’ve checked us out be sure to vote - the winner is decided solely on online voting, so spread the word.



Samantha Castro

Urban Designer, EDAW



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