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MN Saddlebred State Championship Show Updates

Officials of the Minnesota Saddlebred State Championship Horse Show released some updates for next week’s show, which will be held in Hinkley, Minnesota. For the first time the State Championship Show and Academy Finals will be held as a combined event. The Academy Finals will utilize the three-judge system with Cameron Gallenberg and Sherri Nitti joining Liz McBride-Jones on the panel.

It was also announced that the Pro-Am class, which closes out the Saturday evening session, will have $1,000 in prize money, which is sponsored by Empress Equine Company/Creative Spirit and Chryse Veit. This is always a fun class and we hope that the prize money will encourage many teams to participate. Prize money distribution  will be 1st place $350, 2nd place $250, 3rd place $150, 4th place $100, 5th place $100, and 6th place $50.

Another addition to the class schedule is the Rider & Ribbons Costume class. This class has traditionally been the finale of the October Riders & Ribbons Show but will now take place at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. The class is open to all entries; both Academy and show riders are welcome. Be creative and join in the fun prior to the Saturday evening session.

MASHA is pleased to again offer our Wine on Wheels traveling wine wagon before the evening show. For $20, you’ll be able to select a bottle of wine from the wine wagon. All proceeds support the MSHA youth programs. We are also planning to offer Jackpot Judging during the show.

While we’re unable to host exhibitor parties this year, we will be offering prepackaged snack items and water will be setup in the hospitality area located between the stabling and the warm up area. In addition, exhibitors, trainers, owners and caretakers will be given $5 in coupons that are redeemable at the food stand located on the grounds. The coupons are courtesy of the MSHA hospitality sponsors. 

Standard for this year, anyone who will be on the grounds will be required to sign a waiver. Please drop your waiver off at the show office and pick up a wristband to wear during the show. The wristband helps us track that we have your waiver and that you are accounted for as being on the grounds during the event.

Please remember to wear your mask, watch your social distancing, and wash your hands frequently. We ask that everyone wear a mask at the show anytime you’re not in your immediate stabling area. Please have a mask in place whenever you leave your assigned stabling area, such as while watching the show, at the show office, at the food stand, etc. Masks are not required while riding or driving.

The arena has bleacher and bench seating. We would encourage bringing a cushion or blanket to make the seating more comfortable.

Also of note for the trainers, the stalls have solid wood walls, but there are no eyebolts on the walls for crossties. You may need to be creative in figuring out how to best set up crossties. Wider width and longer length cable ties may be helpful. In some areas of the barn the lighting isn’t directly above the stalls, so having some clamp lights on hand might be helpful. The stalls are of various sizes throughout the barn. We will do our best to assign the best stalls we can and will plan to leave stalls open throughout the stabling area in case extra space is needed.

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