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Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association Releases Limited Breeders Auction And Weanling Stake Rules

The Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association has released the following information in regard to the Limited Breeders Auction as well as the Weanling Stake Rules.

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SOURCE OF FUNDS:  Stallion services donated by stallion owners are auctioned, starting at ½ of the current stallion service fee plus $75.00 stallion nomination fee.  There will be a minimum bid of $300.00 for any stallion whose fee is less than $600.00 plus $75.00 stallion nomination fee.  Phone bids and sealed bids are accepted, but must be received prior to the auction.  A check must be received prior to the auction for phone and sealed bids and will be returned if a live bid exceeds the phone/sealed bid.  All stallion services must be paid at the auction.  Stallions whose services are purchased and paid in full will be automatically nominated to the MN Futurity.  In case of a NSF check a fee of $100.00 will be charged to the stallion service purchaser.  Purchaser will have 5 business days from the time of notification of NSF funds, to settle the account.  Neither the MN Futurity nor its Board of Directors will intervene between the purchaser of the stallion service and the stallion owner.  ALL CONTRACTS, ARRANGEMENTS AND NEGOTIATIONS THAT MAY ARISE IN THE SERVICE OF ANY MARE DESIGNATED FOR THE LIMITED BREEDERS’ WEANLING STAKE WILL BE STRICTLY BETWEEN THE MARE OWNER AND THE STALLION OWNER.  ALL PURCHASES ARE AT THE BUYER’S RISK.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  If a stallion dies or becomes impotent before the designated mare is bred and with permission from the stallion owner, another service not sold at the auction may be substituted.  All auction participants must be members of the Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association. New 2014/2015: A stallion owner whose service sold to another mare owner may designate a mare to the program at the same amount as the purchase price but not to exceed $500.00.  Stallion Donor mare must be designated and paid by December 1st of the breeding year.

PRIZE MONEY:  The Futurity will retain 10% of the auction proceeds for expenses.  Interest accumulated, from the date of the auction until distribution, will become part of the purse.  90% of the prize fund will be paid back to eight places with the service purchasers receiving 75% of the purse and the stallion owners receiving 25% of the purse.  Percentages are as follows:

1st    37%  2nd    27%  3rd    13%  4th      9% 

5th      5%  6th      4%  7th      3%  8th      2%

Prize money will be distributed to the service purchaser, unless the Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association has received previous documentation to support that the service fee was subsequently sold or otherwise transferred to the mare nominator or weanling owner.  No distribution of monies will be made without a registration number issued by the American Saddlebred Horse Registry and the service purchaser or nominator, as appropriate, has provided a Social Security Number.  Prize monies won by weanlings having a Conditional Registration will be paid upon Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association’s receipt of a copy of the actual registration papers.

DECLARING THE MARE:   Approximately six weeks prior to deadline, a Mare declaration form will be mailed to each service purchaser.  The service purchaser must complete and return the form to the Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association.  Mare declaration forms must be emailed, faxed, or postmarked no later than December 31st of the year the mare was bred to be eligible for the Limited Breeders’ Weanling Stake.  The mare declaration is not transferable if a mare or foal dies after the Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association has received the declaration.

WEANLING ELIGIBILITY:  The owner(s) of the weanling competing in the Limited Breeders’ Weanling Stake Class must be a member of, or join, the Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association for the year in which the foal will be shown.  Annual Membership dues are $45.00 per year.  Only weanlings registered with the American Saddlebred Registry are eligible to compete.  The sire, dam and weanling must be nominated to the MN Futurity with all fees paid, on or before the closing date of June 15.  Any questions concerning the MN Futurity or Limited Breeders' Weanling Stake Class or its regulations should be directed to: Alice Lear, 36 Radford Rd, Hasting MN 55033.  All weanlings shown in the Limited Breeders’ Weanling Stake Class may be subject to blood-typing at the discretion of show/futurity management as deemed appropriate.  Failure to comply with blood typing request shall automatically disqualify entrant and forfeiture of prize monies.

MINNESOTA LIMITED BREEDERS’ WEANLING STAKE CLASS:  A MN Futurity Horse Show entry form must be completed and mailed to the MN Futurity Horse Show Secretary to enter the Limited Breeders’ Weanling Stake Class.  No entry fee is required; however, Qualified Weanling’s entry must be postmarked prior to the closing date as listed in the show prize list.  Weanlings may be entered up to 1 ½ hours prior to the class at a fee of $100.00.  Order of go will be determined by random drawing to be held in the show office, no later than 1 ½ hours prior to show time.  Time of drawing will be announced.  In instances where handlers may have more than one entry, and the random draw conflicts, Show Management reserves the right to replace or redraw numbers deemed necessary.  Each weanling must be presented as assigned or forfeit the right to show.  The weanling will enter at a trot, proceed to the end of the ring and return to the judge for presentation.  Judged weanling is then dismissed from the ring.  All weanlings will return to the ring for comparison and final judging as a group.  The Minnesota Limited Breeders’ Weanling Stake Class will pay prize monies (as denoted above) for weanlings placing 1st through 8th and present ribbons to weanlings placing 9th and 10th.

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