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Mildred Yaple Honored

Posted May 6, 2002
Editor's note: this speech was read on Saturday evening mid-way through the performance, honoring show manager, Mildred Yaple.
Sometimes we as humans are able to do seemingly impossible things...things that amaze...things that help fellow humans...things that save lives...nobody really knows how we do these things...I like to think it is The Fire Within.

Our honoree tonight certainly has The Fire Within.

The Fire Within has allowed our honoree to help numerous children with diabetes have better lives, raising scholarship money for many too numerous to mention.

Tonight will wrap up another successful edition of the Annual River Ridge Charity Horse Show, a show that began because of the love of horses and horse sports by a dedicated group of Columbus horse people 58 years ago, known as the River Ridge Riding Club.

Many Central Ohio horse fanciers belonged to the River Ridge Riding Club and about 40 years ago our honoree and her husband joined the club and became quite active in the group. The husband took the office of treasurer with the club. The wife had a pony, Mr. Murph, who showed under the direction of local horseman and fellow club member, Joe Bullis.

Even though the club is now gone, it's areas and stables now replaced by corporate office buildings, the Horse Show and the club's spirit still lives, thanks to our honoree.

Our honoree has been a savior of many youngsters with juvenile diabetes, supplying numerous scholarships to these deserving individuals; something she is deservedly proud of.

The Fire Within allows our honoree to run his horse show with only a handful of key staff and volunteers, truly an amazing feat.

The Fire Within belongs to our honoree tonight, Horse Show Manager, Mildred Yaple.

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