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Mid West Hackney Association Sale A Success

The Mid West Hackney Association Sale, held October 23 at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, raised nearly $38,000 from the sale of 44 Hackney ponies, according to MWHA Secretary Karen Wood. The sale was organized by the Mid West Hackney Association sale committee Darlene Wise, Roger Lucas and Chuck Fitzpatrick.

With an average of $856.25 per pony, the 44 ponies brought $37,675. The top five selling ponies averaged $3060 and brought a total of $15,300. Regal’s Class Act LF, owned and bred by Dan and Leah Light, was the top selling pony and was sold to Jeff McClean for $5,700. Light Farms had the highest number of ponies to go through the sale.

Darrel Kolkman brought the top selling weanling by The Postmaster and out of a daughter of Cherry’s Dream Boy. Francisca Eperthener, of York Springs, Penn., purchased the weanling for $1,900. A stallion service auction was held as well, with the proceeds going into a separate fund for the Mid West Limited Weanling Futurity which is held in conjunction with the Mid-West Hackney Futurity weanling classes. In 2004, the Mid West Hackney Futurity paid out over $43,000 in premium money.

Seven stallion services were sold at the auction, raising $3,350. In addition, money left over from the 2003 sale that wasn’t paid out in the futurity this year, was added to the total of this year’s sale. For 2006, at least $6,150 will be available to be paid out in the futurity. According to Wood, the total may grow even higher because there are still some stallion services that are expected to sell.

“A lot of people that seem to be new to the industry purchased ponies at this year’s sale and there were also several ponies sold to Canadian owners,” said Wood.

In addition to the Hackney sale and stallion service auction, a tack sale was held which raised $13,751.

The Hackney sale, while not affiliated with the Mid America Mane Event Horse Show, was held during the horse show dates which allowed horse show exhibitors to attend the sale or those that were bringing ponies to sell to also participate in the horse show.

For information on entering the 2005 Mid West Hackney Futurity, contact Mid West Hackney Association Secretary Karen Wood at 815-638-2071 or email:

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