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MHSA Stock Seat Medallions Finals Return

The Missouri Horse Shows Association (MHSA) Stock Seat Medallion Finals are back. After a hiatus of several years, the Stock Seat Medallion program enjoyed success this year, particularly in the Central Missouri area, with several shows hosting qualifying classes and usually four to five riders competing for the opportunity to become qualified for the Finals.

During the summer months a team, led by Lynn Frazee and Sue Webster, met with Tiffany Crowe, who has held the wildly-popular Youth Fall Harvest Horse Show at the Central Missouri Events Center (CMEC) for many years.  Due to the shows great management and opportunities for significant prizes, Tiffany's shows often have more than 20 riders in both stock seat and hunt seat classes, all in a low-key and fun atmosphere.  The result of that team meeting was that the Stock Seat Finals will be held November 15, 2014, at the CMEC during the Fall Harvest Show.  Judging the Finals will be the show's judge, along with Lynn Frazee and Laura Ward, making the Finals the most prestigious class held during the show.

Riders in the Finals will be vying for not only the winner's bragging rights but also a $1,000 scholarship, awarded by William Woods University and its Equestrian Studies Department, a $500 scholarship, awarded by the MHSA, as well as a complete rider's show outfit, donated by McLaughlin Western Wear, and a horse cooler.

To encourage participation in the Finals, a last qualifying class will be held during the morning of November 15 at the Fall Harvest show.  If you or someone you know wants to compete in the Finals, contact Sue Webster at [email protected] for more information about the show and the Finals,


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