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Mercer County Fair and Horse Show Hall of Fame Inducts Shivelys and Robinson


(L-R) Lillian Shively, Lesley Miles, Tyler Miles, Raymond Shively, Macy Miles, Todd Miles, Melinda Moore and Ralph Anderson gathered for a photo after Raymond and Lillian Shively were inducted into the Mercer County Fair Hall Of Fame.



(Editor’s Note: Announcer David Collier read the following speeches Saturday, July 29, 2006 at the Mercer County Fair Horse Show.)

Raymond and Lillian Shively Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

For more than three decades, Raymond and his lovely wife of 51 years, Lillian, have been very active exhibitors at the Mercer County Fair Horse Show. Best known for their work with roadster horses, some people may not even recognize their abundant gifts in other areas of the horse industry. The DeLovely Farm in
Rockport, Ind., is the home of multiple world’s champions as well as beginning riders in training. In 1990, the DeLovely stable took home a record 18 world’s championships from the Kentucky State Fair. In 2005, DeLovely-trained horses won the world’s championships in the five-gaited championship (with Five O’Clock), the three-gaited championship (with Manila Thrilla) and the Roadster to Bike Grand Championship (with Big Red). Lillian has been a tremendous influence on many young riders under her tutelage throughout the years. She teaches them about life as well as riding.

Many people remember the brilliant black road horse owned by Jennie Graham named Nonstop, whom Raymond showed several times in the 1980s here at Harrodsburg. He was undefeated for seven years and won four consecutive world’s championships. In 1985, Nonstop teamed with another Jennie Graham horse, Back ‘N Black, to be the only two horses owned by the same person and trained by the same person to win both the bike and wagon world’s championships in the same year.

Raymond and Lillian Shively continue today as mentors, teachers and guides for trainers, exhibitors, owners and others in the show horse industry. Their career milestones are extensive, but highlighted, include:

• Past and current president of the American Road Horse and Pony Association. Raymond was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1993;
• Voted as UPHA Persons of the Year in 1997;
• Inducted into the World Championship Horse Show Hall of Fame in 1999;
• Raymond was inducted into the UPHA Tom Moore Hall of Fame in 2005;
• Raymond was the recipient of the prestigious Bill Robinson Trophy for harness or driving performance in non-international competition by the United States Equestrian Foundation.

In spite of all Raymond’s success and recognition, Raymond Shively is still just Raymond. He still loves Lillian, people and horses, and it shows. He is seldom seen without a grin and is one of those people you just feel comfortable being around. One of my favorite memories of Raymond Shively that says a lot about him as a person, happened just a few years ago when a torrential rain storm forced the cancellation of the Thursday night horse show here at Harrodsburg. Another heavy storm pelted the area on Saturday, but an hour or so before championship night was to begin, there was Raymond Shively chewing on an unlit cigar and with a scoop shovel in his hand helping our grounds crew trench the south end of the show ring to speed the draining process so that the show could go on. Raymond Shively is a big man with a big smile and a big heart!

Because of their friendship and involvement with this horse show for 30 years, it is a great pleasure for the Board of Directors of the Mercer County Fair and Horse Show to induct Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Lillian Shively of Rockport, Ind., into the Mercer County Fair and Horse Show Hall of Fame.


Don W. Robinson Posthumously Inducted Into Hall of Fame

August 20, 1988, the Mercer County Fair and Horse Show and all of Mercer County, lost a long-time friend and contributor. Don Robinson lived a full life of activity that benefited many of our citizens. He was an active member of the Republican Party political affairs at the local, district, state and national levels, and was chairman of the sixth Congressional District party until shortly before his death. He was a board member of the state Republican Party and organized the state presidential election campaign for Ronald Reagan.

He was a lifelong member of the Harrodsburg Christian Church where he served as a deacon and later served on the Board of Elders.

He was a director and past president of the Harrodsburg Rotary Club. He was a director of the Citizen’s Fidelity Bank as well as the Mercer Federal Savings & Loan Corporation.

Don was a partner in the Davenport, Robison and Whitenack Insurance Agency from 1958 until his passing. He was a director and co-chairman of the Harrodsburg Industrial Board and was instrumental in attracting several of the local industries that are still providing good jobs for many of the people in Mercer and surrounding counties as well as boosting the overall economy of this community.

Don Billy Robinson was an avid supporter and frequent contributor to the Mercer County Fair and Horse Show from his youth until his death. He served in numerous capacities including president of the board of directors, chairman of the horse show executive committee and horse show manager for more than 20 years. Even though he was physically weak and very ill, Don Billy managed the 1988 horse show only three weeks before his death. Don always had a smile and a kind word for anyone he met as they came to watch or to participate in the horse show, which he dearly loved.
Don W. “Don Billy” Robinson is identified to me with the words, WISDON – PATIENCE – COMMITMENT – and most of all – PROFESSIONAL.

Don was a loving husband and a parent, and we are pleased to have his wife, Ann Robinson, his daughter, Donna Robinson Holiday and his grandson, Harlan Divine-Holiday, in attendance for tonight’s induction ceremony.

It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors of the Mercer County Fair and Horse Show Association welcome Don W. “Don Billy” Robinson into the Mercer County Fair and Horse Show Hall of Fame.

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