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In Memoriam - Jo Jo Waller


Dec. 12, 1990 – April 9, 2007


Jo Jo, the beloved Bassett Hound owned by Lisa and Bill Waller, passed away April 9, 2007 at the age of 16.


Jo Jo came into Lisa Waller’s life 16 years ago as an 11-month-old stray. He and two other dogs appeared at the Beaver Brook Stable one day, looking as if they had been traveling for some time. At the end of the day, it was believed the dogs had moved on to another adventure but when Lisa returned the following morning there sat Jo Jo camped out in front of the office. He had decided this was his new home, choosing Lisa as his new caregiver. Lisa could not have imagined at this point what a gift had just dropped into her life. He quickly became her best friend.


Over the years Jo Jo was a friend to all, animals and people alike. One of his favorite things was to travel to horse shows to see everyone. He was a fixture at the Clover Leaf stalls, holding court from his director’s chair. He had a great long life and there are many great memories that the Wallers and his Clover Leaf family will hold dear to their hearts. It was a traumatic day when the decision was made for his life to come to an end. Lisa could not emotionally bear to be there but Bill stood strong by the great dog, a dog that he inherited when Lisa came into his life. Lisa is grateful that Bill was there for Jo Jo in his last minutes caring and loving Jo Jo. Jo Jo will be greatly missed by all that knew him but especially by Lisa and Bill.


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