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McCune-Morrison Nuptials

McCune-Morrison Nuptials Or “My Big West Virginia Wedding”

by Lynn Hutchinson

Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Not that this wedding was in the same category--just seems to be a lot of chaos in putting together “THAT BIG DAY”. Georgia McCune and Jimmy Morrison were about to take that "huge step" February 1--and the big moment was almost upon us.

Rehearsal evening went pretty smoothly--not counting the missing groomsman, Clark Clouse. But in a horsey event you can’t control a horse with colic---etc. etc. And have you ever seen two horse trainers trying to roll out a white runner for the bride to walk down the aisle on? Well let me tell you----I hope Matt Shiflett and Mark Webster are a little slicker at long lining a horse.

No problems during the rehearsal dinner--but at this point the groom, Jimmy Morrison, may have been getting a little green around the gils. The bride, Georgia McCune, was totally keeping her cool---at least on the outside.

Now I have to tell you---the groom’s mother, which would be me, was doing some heavy stressing about having to climb six steps the next evening to light the dreaded “UNITY CANDLE”. That was something I didn’t realize when I picked out my shoes for “THE BIG EVENT”. I just happened to pick out a cute little pair of extremely high heeled sandal type shoes. Definitely not horse show attire.

After silently stressing over this detail all night long, as soon as we arrived at the church the next evening I slipped into the sanctuary to see if I could pull this task off without any problems. Well, guess what? With just climbing to the second step I “threw a shoe”. Whoops!

Heading back into the dressing room I explained my situation to the always available Evette Moody, whose son, Rudy, just happened to be the ring barer. First we tried spraying hair spray on my heels---didn’t help. Now what? Just so happened duct tape wasn’t available--what kind of deal is that? So the next best thing appeared to be scotch tape.

Sure enough--after wrapping lots of tape around my shoe and foot it appeared to work.

OK--now on to the other problems. The maid of honor, who had been extremely busy getting the bride put in order, all of sudden realized her dress had been left at the house where the bridal party had their hair fixed. Someone jumped into their car and made a very speedy trip to retrieve the missing dress. Wow--they made it in time.

Now we have the problem of the nervous ring barer, who I mentioned earlier was Rudy Moody. All of a sudden he realized that there were no rings for his pillow that he was to carry down the aisle. Now--we all know it’s probably best for the Best Man to have the rings in his possession but Rudy was going to have no part of this idea. Probably everyone in the wedding party--maybe just anyone he spotted was asked, “Can I borrow your wedding ring to put on my pillow?” Finally someone talked him in to (or should I say threatened him with his life) to let it drop. He eventually conceded to the, at this point really nervous, bride “Don’t worry--I won’t lock up going down the aisle.”

Finally, it was the big moment and everything from there on out went on without a hitch. And, believe it or not, Clark Clouse actually showed up. At first we were wondering if Steve Demjen was going have to don Clouse’s tux (which probably wouldn’t have been a pretty picture with the sleeves hanging to his knees and the pants dragging).

The wedding was beautiful, the bride glowing and the groom handsome as can be. And I might add--the scotch tape worked almost as well as duct tape. At least the shoes stayed on my feet.

The reception was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all--with lots of horse people in attendance. As the bride and groom were enjoying the first dance, I just happened to mention to the bride’s mother, Rose McCune, “Won’t Georgia make a wonderful broodmare?” I’m not sure, but I don’t think she appreciated the remark--what nicer compliment can you pay a horse oriented young lady?

And now---best wishes to Georgia and Jimmy Morrison. May you have lots of great years ahead filled with all of the best: love, joy, happiness, wealth, harmony and top notch horses and riders.

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