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Mass Morgan Update

The Massachusetts Morgan Horse Show is pleased to announce that Molly O'Brien is the new 2008 show manager, replacing Ray Ferro who recently resigned for personal reasons. In addition, Kelly McFaul of Wichita, Kansas has agreed to come on board as show secretary, replacing Linda Burke who regretfully resigned due to the overwhelming workload of New England Morgan, which precedes Mass Morgan by just three weeks.

The balance of the primary officials of the 2008 show remain unchanged, including Bernard Parker and Tami Johnson as main ring judges, Janet Briggs as dressage judge, and Mickie Bowen as carriage judge. Jane Morrell is the 2008 show chairperson.

Most importantly to those familiar with Mass Morgan, the traditional "theme" format will continue this year, guaranteeing lots of creative stall decorations and, no doubt, some interesting outfits.  This year's theme is Pirates of the Caribbean, and many special activities are already in the works, including scavenger hunts, buried treasure, and of course Mass Morgan's always unique center ring display.

In view of the manager and secretary changes and some significant modifications to the class list and time schedule, a new prize list will be completed and mailed shortly to anyone who exhibited at Mass Morgan over the last five years.

For more information, or to receive a copy of the prize list, please contact Molly O'Brien, PO Box 126, Whately, MA 01093; phone 413-246-8757; e-mail

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