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Mark Caisse Named Acting Show Manager for New England Regional

The New England Morgan Horse Association and the Show Committee of the New England Morgan Regional have announced the appointment of Mark E. Caisse as the Acting Show Manager of the 2013 New England Morgan Horse Show to be held at the Tri-County Fairgrounds in Northampton, Massachusetts on July 22-27.  Mark, a fourth generation Morgan horseman, and NEMHS Grounds Superintendent at the show since 1989, succeeds show manager, Frederick J. Nava, whose untimely death in April has been mourned by the entire Morgan show community.

Mark’s personal history is steeped in Morgan traditions, growing up on the iconic Townshend Farm in Bolton, Massachusetts, where he experienced every facet of farm life from working horses, to barn and fence maintenance to baling hay to the myriad details incumbent in the day to day operation of a large breeding farm.  A graduate of Cushing Academy, Vermont Tech, and the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at the University of Massachusetts, Mark has owned his own business Treescapes since 1989.  He has also been the Tree Warden for the town of Bolton since 1993 and at one time was the youngest acting warden in the state while Fred E. Nava (our Fred’s dad) was the state’s oldest acting warden.

This year’s 74th edition of the oldest Morgan show in the world will be Mark’s 46th year at Northampton and he combines a sincere respect for the traditions of the show as he looks forward to making  this year’s show the best ever.

When asked what will be his biggest challenge, Mark quickly answers (with a twinkle in his eye), “The weather!”  However, he adds, “I have fabulous people in my corner” and quickly points out that the same terrific team that Fred had assembled will be back and that improvements to the fairgrounds are ongoing. 

Mark’s mission will be to “carry on” Fred’s legacy and the legendary traditions of Northampton that have made the show such an important part of the history of the Morgan breed. 

Mark will be easy to spot at the show.  He will be wearing Fred’s bright yellow show manger’s hat…and the legacy will indeed live on.

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