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Marching To The Beat of a Different Drum

by Kelley Colvin

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Tre' Lee was excited and surprised when he captured his first personal World’s Championship this year at the 100th anniversary of the World’s Championship Horse Show. Lee rode Marching Orders, an entry of the Fox Grape Farms, sired by Merchant Prince out of Callaway’s Finders-Keepers to the Two-Year-Old Three-Gaited (Div. B) World’s Championship.

“He‘s a great colt,” said Lee. “I’m just glad to be a part of the horse show and exhibiting. This was probably the second greatest day of my life, the first day being the day I married my wife.”

Lee has been around horses and ponies as long as he can remember; his riding started at the age of three or four on his first spotted pony Tinkerbell. Lee said that his father was his greatest influence. "He has taught me and shown me a lot over the years about horses.” Lee has been around the barn all of his life as well, its like second nature to him since his father Clem trained, he had the interest and passion to do the same. Lee had been in the barn alongside his father until September of 2002, when he relocated and went to work for John T. Jones of Rosemont Manor in Union, Ky. Lee is currently expanding to the next step of his career. Over the last year Lee has incurred other changes, a recent newlywed, getting married in December of 2002 to the love of his life Emily. “Who is also a horse lover,” Lee stated.

Growing up in North Wilksboro, N.C., then moving to Virginia and now at John Jones' at the young age of 24, Lee has been blessed with his most recent move to Rosemont. Lee says “John is great to work for... he makes you want to get up every morning and do him a great job. He is a talented horseman and has taught me a lot in a such short time already." One of the main concepts that John has taught Lee is how to make and finish colts. Jones told him you can never let the colt know that he can get tired... stay out of their way and let them do the work.”

Boss/trainer John T. Jones had this to say about Tre' Lee, “I just can’t say enough good things about Tre’. He is a hard worker; he is very conscious, has a great work ethic, and lots of ability and talent, which are all the ingredients needed to make a great horse trainer. He will be a great one one day.”

Lee is looking forward to the future with Jones and Rosemont. He plans to develop more colts, show and sell them. Lee has been working colts by Our Charm, sired by Santana’s Charm out of Callaway’s Limelight and by CH King of High Point, sired by Sultan’s Contract out of Indiana Flame.

Lee said, "There is a strong breeding program in place here and these are some great colts."

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