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Macaulay Wins All Around Medal

Chloe Macaulay comes from a family of athletes. She not only has a definite interest in horses, but is also very involved in gymnastics. Macaulay competed at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic in Columbus, Ohio in early March. She earned the All Around Medal for her session and scored the fifth highest beam score out of 431 children in the 9-14 division.

Macaulay has a sister, Alexis, who rides at Emerald Hills under the direction of Roman and Cayce Marcos. Alexis shows in the juvenile pleasure division. In 2002, she won the Juvenile Pleasure Rider of the Year for Scottsdale, the State of Arizona, and the Pacific Coast circuit.

Joan Macaulay, the girls' mother, is also a Saddlebred enthusiast and recently won the Amateur Three-Gaited Park Grand Championship with Casey Of Stoneview at Carousel Charity Horse Show under the direction of team Marcos.

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