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A Lovely Delovely Tradition

ROCKPORT, Ind. -- Raymond and Lillian Shively, and their entire staff, hosted the annual “Lively Shively” Christmas Party on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2002 at their beautiful, rustic barn. The party, dedicated to Jody Sodel, honored the wonderful Delovely customers and celebrated the barn's record breaking show season.

Located on Highway 66, just over the Ohio River from Owensoro, Ky., Delovely Farm was decorated warmly for the event and filled with great holiday spirit by the customers and friends that attended.

Upon arrival Saturday evening, guests were graciously greeted by Lillian Shively and Leslie Miles. Guests were then offered an array of gourmet selections and cocktails from a local catering company. They were also surrounded by the peaceful sound of Christmas carols, sung by a friend of the Delovely family. Mingling with friends, sharing memories of the year’s past....there’s no better way to wrap up the season and toast to the season to come.

The time eventually came for the much anticipated awards and horse presentations. After introducing and thanking her hardworking staff, Lillian, with the help of Leslie, presented several of their talented equitation riders with awards for their various accomplishments throughout the year. Headed by Karen Medicus, the staff also presented Greg and Myrna Flynn and Jim and Ruthie Gillespie with the Delovely Customer of The Year Award. Next, Todd Miles and Mark Turner, and in one case Randy Harper, took turns presenting horses that would soon be turned over to their new owners.

Harper drove the fancy pony, Cowboy Magic who was presented to a very astonished young lady who loves to drive, Gabriella Flynn. Caroline Gillespie, who unfortunately could not make the party due to school obligations, had previously parted with her lovely mare, Amandari. Amandari will serve as the new horse of the McGinnis Family, but the new mount for Betty Cox, who will be showing the horse in the 2003 season. Brittany McGinnis remained in the spotlight as the Dozer family shocked the young lady when presenting her with world’s champion pony Simbara’s Audacity. It was also announced at the party that CH Stage Talent will be retired and sent home to the Dozer family.

Upon the conclusion of the emotional presentations, the kids had their chance to tell Santa Claus exactly what they wanted for Christmas while others turned things up a notch to the music of The Sultans.

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