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Louisville Judges and Qualifying Changes

The judges for the 2011 Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show are Robert Gardiner, William Greenwell, Randy Harper, Euchee Matthews, Cindy Mugnier, and Jack Noble. The Saddlebred classes will be judges by Robert Gardiner, William Greenwell, Euchee Matthews, and Jack Noble. The Hackney/Harness Pony classes will be judged by Randy Harper, Robert Gardiner, William Greenwell, Euchee Matthews, and Jack Noble. Equitation will be judged by Cindy Mugneir, Robert Gardiner, William Greenwell, and Euchee Matthews.

A Junior Park Pleasure qualifying and championship class has been added to the 2011 Kentucky State Fair. The class will be under the rules and regulations of the Pleasure and Park qualifying system. It will be limited to 25 entries that have shown in six classes at three shows between the dates of July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. The two splits of the Park Pleasure Futurity class held at the 2010 Kentucky State Fair will be counted as a qualifying class, the finals will not.

Changes for the Kentucky State Fair Qualifying System for the Pleasure, Park, and Western Invitations will take effect July 1, 2010 and will be applicable for the 2011 Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show. The changes are the Western Invitational will become a regular class with the qualifying rules being the same as those for Park and Pleasure. The class will be known as Western Country Pleasure and will be limited to 25 entries. Points will be the same for all the shows, with the exception of St. Louis, where only the Shatner Adult and Shatner Juvenile Western Pleasure Championships will receive double points.

Horses that are to be shown in Pleasure Driving will be required to qualify by showing in six classes at three shows in Pleasure Driving. If the driving class at a show does not specify whether it is Show or Country Pleasure Driving the class will still count, but four of the six classes for qualification must be in either Show or Country Pleasure. Park Pleasure Driving classes will not be considered as qualifying classes.

Classes and points earned in a division, such as three-gaited show pleasure cannot be applied to another division such as five-gaited show pleasure, nor can classes and points earned in western country pleasure be applied to English (saddle seat) country pleasure. This does not affect or change the rule that a horse can show in juvenile, adult, novice, local or limit classes in a division for the points and classes to count toward qualification.

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