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St. Louis National Charity Horse Show Updates

Class 100 – Harness Pony Championship has been moved to the first class Saturday Evening at 7:00pm

 Added Class 84.1 – UPHA Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Class. This class will follow Class 84 on Friday evening.    The entry fee will be $100.00 and the UPHA Classics requirements will apply to this class.

Hunter Over Fences Exhibitors – on Wednesday September 28 from 1pm  - 3pm there will be a Mini Clinic with Judge Kylin Colter Meyer.  A great opportunity to school your horse and get some one on one attention from the judge prior to the class on Thursday.  

Trail Exhibitors – on Tuesday September 27 at 2pm a practice course and mini clinic will be available.  A great opportunity to school your horse prior to the class on Wednesday.

A few clarifications:

Saddle & Bridle Pleasure Medallion – in order to qualify to compete in the finals a rider must have placed first or second in a qualifying class prior to September 19, 2016.

Hunter Exhibitors – 

Judging Specs for ASB Hunter Country Pleasure & Saddle & Bridle Hunter Seat Classic.  USEF SB 166 

Gaits – Walk, trot, extended trot, canter and hand gallop.  For safety reasons the judge may limit the number of horses to hand gallop at one time.  Entries must be asked both ways of the ring to halt and stand quietly on the rail.  In the line up, horses must stand quietly with all four legs perpendicular to the ground.  Horses shall be required to back readily in the line up.

We are looking forward to a great show.  Should you need additional information:

Peter Fenton 859 321 9281

Beth Snider 502 314 7960


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