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A Little Goes a Long, Long Way

, Ky.The Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP) announced earlier this year that it provided funding to 167 equine programs in 69 counties during 2006 totaling $135,682.


KEEP created this local funding program as part of its grassroots efforts to help horse organizations around the state. The grants program is divided into four categories: 4-H clubs, horse shows, equine associations and equine education programs at Kentucky colleges and universities. Each category has a funding limit and specific criteria that applicants must meet to be considered.


“As we traveled the state, we realized there are a lot of equine enthusiasts and groups that struggle to find funding for their local 4-H programs, county horse shows and for their equine association events. In addition, there are some great equine programs at colleges and universities throughout the state and they need funding assistance,” said Gene Clabes, interim executive director of KEEP. “Although we can’t fully fund any one program, we’ve found that our small donations of $250, $400 or $500 mean a lot to these groups.”


Since 2005 when this program was developed, KEEP has funded 314 equine programs in 85 counties totaling $233,877.


KEEP was created in May 2004 to promote and protect Kentucky’s horse industry. The organization was successful during the 2005 legislative session in helping establish a breeder incentive fund. For this effort they were awarded the Public Relations Society of America’s Silver Anvil Award in June 2006.


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