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Lexington Goes to the Dogs?

Everyone knows that horse lovers are also dog lovers. What better place to see great dogs than at a horse show? Here is a small sampling of some of the canine personalities seen at Lexington Jr. League earlier this month.

  "Eiffel" Byers and Sarah                              Even the canines enjoyed "meeting and greeting."

           "Maya" Becker                                            "Abby" Wise knows her manners

 "Rudy" Hanavick and Mary Ellen                       "Lola" Wallace and Kathy

"Pierre" Koenig and Debra & Kristen                "Luke, Hank, & Bridget" Ryan

    "Tucker" at Richfield Video                       "Baby Tara" Gimpel 
      with Jonathon Livers

       "Junior" Hutchinson                                 "Harvey" Hutchinson with Lynn & Chuck

      "Annie" Holt, a rare Boykin Spaniel                   "Dooley" Smith and Corbin
      "Buster" Frickey and Ed                                     ..... to be continued at Louisville.

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