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Letters To The Editor

Recently, a good friend of mine was lost, CH Chansonet Supreme was put to rest at the Bogg's Cap Cod Farm in Ohio from a long battle with founder. She was owned by the Montoya Family and Allison Montoya showed her for the last couple of years. Chance wasn't an ordinary horse, like many equitation horses, she became a friend, and a team member. She always had the extra to make the picture extraordinary. She always loved to show, and gave so much to me as an equitation rider. She loved patterns that had elements when I was to drop my stirrups. She was the same on Saturday mornings as she was in the show ring. She was always fun to ride, always elegant, and always giving all she had.

Most importantly she took me to a Reserve National Championship in New York, top 3 ribbons in Louisville, and top 10 in the Finals. She took Ali on a similar campaign. She was a special mare to me, Ali and all of those who owned her and trained her. She will be missed.

Sarah Liebert
Louisville, Kentucky


Dear David,

We wanted to let you know how Linda Scrivner went out of her way to help us at the Dixie Jubilee Show. When the show was over on Saturday night, Sarge was going to move our truck closer to where my display was set up. When he started the truck and put it into gear, the accelerator was stuck at full throttle, and he went head-on into the corner of a building. Linda happened to be going through the walking horse proofs when I got word. I went to go see Sarge and go help with the police and paramedics and whatnot, and she stayed at my table for a long time, even after she had finished what she needed to do. She waited on customers and showed proofs to people.

I'm not sure how long she stayed, but it was a long time, and it was something that she didn't have to do, she just did it. We are very appreciative for her efforts on our behalf. It was especially nice in these days when it seems many people have a ME ME ME attitude that Linda was there and did so much to help. I have written her a note also, but like I said to start, I wanted to let you know that one of your employees went above and beyond the call of duty, and we are thankful.

Sarge banged up his ribs, but fortunately nothing was broken. He also banged his mouth up pretty good. His ribs are healed, and his mouth is about healed.

Hope your family had a nice Thanksgiving, and wishing you all the best for the holiday season.

Sarge and Julie

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