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Letter to the Editor from Suzy Lucine

Letter to the Editor:
I was touched by Shane Shiflet’s “You gotta start somewhere” ad on page 16 of the May 9th issue. The moment I saw it, I was so grateful to have friends like them Shane Shiflet and Howie Schatzberg, two skilled men who are also mentors. With all the issues that fly in and around the horse industry, both positive and negative, it is so wonderful and refreshing to see the benefits of a shared respect and a valued friendship. Surely both are in the same business, but both will extend a hand and do whatever they can to help each other, no matter who is in charge. On top of that, both rarely hesitate or miss an opportunity to tease or razz the other when need be. Thank you for reminding me how true professionals and friends act.

Suzy Lucine

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