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Letter to the Editor - Something to Ponder

Something to ponder,

Saddlebred Rescue Inc.’s purpose goes well beyond just saving horses from slaughter. We do our best to help the industry as a whole. Meaning every person or business involved with the industry of Saddle Horses. Farmers, feed companies, farriers, vets, tack shops, pharmaceutical companies, boarding barns, instructors, trainers, breeders… I think you get the idea.

People who want to ride will go to the nearest stable offering lessons and on whatever that stable teaches them will probably be the breed they will go with as their "breed of choice" or "style of riding". We all need to help make the horse they find a Saddlebred and the style of riding something Saddlebreds do. Since Saddlebreds can do most anything, let’s make sure we let them do it as there are lots of possibilities.

One of the most important things we (by we, I mean all of us) can do is bring new people into our industry and make them aware of what our breed is all about. What better way to do that than from the ground floor in lesson programs? Many of the horses we find are well suited, with some work, to help bring new people into the industry. These horses aren’t going to be top show horses but can represent the breed, help preserve the Saddlebred breed and industry as a whole. Let’s be creative in what we do with our horses, in the classes offered at shows and what we let people do with them at home. We feel strongly that the majority of the horses we get can be a part of this effort. If you are looking for a horse to fit into your program or know somebody that is please contact us. We will do our best to work with you and to send you a horse that fits what you are describing. Keep in mind these horses are adopted, not purchased, so Saddlebred Rescue retains ownership and there is an adoption fee that is typically under $1,000. Since 2006, we have assisted over 300 horses and placed them in productive homes with only a few placed as companion horses.

Current examples of Saddlebred Rescues in outreach are:

• Nicholas Villa Stables: N. Stonington, Conn. - "For the Love of a Horse" community riding program: two hours of free riding instruction donated weekly for horse loving kids who do not have the resources to pay, using rescued horses.

• Approximately 150 horses are now being used in lesson programs where they introduce people just starting their riding career to our wonderful breed.

•Numerous horses are now personal pleasure horses and several of them belong to first time Saddlebred owners and first time horse owners.

In order for us to continue what we are doing for the breed and industry we need your help. We need your financial support. Whatever you can afford to do will help us meet our goal of helping the Saddlebred and the horse industry. Every donation counts at SBR. We have benefited from large donations to those from children that have asked for donations to SBR instead of birthday gifts. If you are not a supporter of SBR, we encourage you to join today to be a member of Team SBR. 

Needs for 2008
3 Additional 10 x 30 run in sheds $15,000
3 Additional covered hay feeders $6,600
One year’s operating money for feed, bedding and salary for one man $75,000
Farrier fund $5,000
Vet fund $20,000
Advertising fund $7,500
Support for horses used for educational and demo purposes, including expenses for taking them to shows for demos $5,000
Salary for trainer to work rescues and ready them for lesson programs $45,000
Truck & Trailer along with fuel and maintenance money $40,000
Water to be installed in the Rescue Village $3,500
Electrical to be installed in the Rescue Village $3,500
Gravel for driveway in the Rescue Village $5,000

Donations can be sent to Saddlebred Rescue Inc. a 501 c3 nonprofit organization, 4 Westview Dr., Blairstown, NJ 07825, and visit us at

Pat Johnson
Executive Director

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