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Letter To The Editor from Sandra McIntosh

Dear Editor,

The Cleveland Classic Horse Show is a place where good friends come together to put on one great show. The UPHA Chapter 13 is the force behind this show with five of their members on hand at all times to take care of every little detail. In Lonnie Lavery’s words, “We’re going to keep having this horse show until the money runs out. We have this show because it is needed.”

This group spends all year raising the funds to finance this show. When one show is over, fundraising plans for the next one begins. A rare comradeship flourishes in this
land of Ohio. Trainer Lonnie Lavery explained it this way. “We’re not jealous of each other. If I call someone to tell them I have a good walk-trot horse, I tell them that Jim Taylor has a good one too and they need to see it. It makes a better trip if someone can see five horses in one trip rather than one. That’s the way we do it here, we help each other.” This good will is vividly demonstrated in the way everyone works together to make this show a reality. They do it all, from putting up tents to digging ditches, and when the exhibitors arrive the red carpet is laid out. These people work hard and they play just as hard. When the last class of each session is over the party begins, a party every night with live entertainment.

Folks, if you haven’t been to this show, you are missing a good one. I feel that I am letting out a deep secret that I should be keeping to myself. I fear if this show grows too big it will lose some of its ambience. But then, these people work hard and this show deserves to grow. Besides, you can’t keep a good thing quiet for long anyway. The word is now out, so put this one on your calendar next year. You’ll be glad you did.

Just thinking,
Sandra McIntosh

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