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Letter to the Editor from Jimmy Robertson

Editor's Note: The following letter was submitted to Saddle Horse Report by Jimmy Robertson.

Dear Horse Show Enthusiasts:

Yes, it's true. Mary Anne Cronan is no longer a Kentucky State Fair Board member in charge of the World's Championship Horse Show. She's no longer on the Fair Board at all. Mary Anne gave us 10 wonderful and fruitful years on the Kentucky State Fair Board, several as chairman of the board, the only woman to ever hold that position.

When Joe Stopher stepped down as the Fair Board member in charge of the World's Championship Horse Show, in the 90s, he left huge shoes to fill, huge. But fill them she did. She has done amazing things as Board member in charge of the show. Her leadership has come from the heart. Her only desire, her only thought, has been to make the World's Championship Horse Show better, and also, being a board member of both USEF and ASHA, to make our whole sport better.

Taking hold of her position as a full time job, she put in countless hours of overtime, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. She has that unique ability to blend a general with a tireless foot soldier, selfless and generous with her time. They say you can do great things if you don't seek credit. Mary Anne never sought credit for anything, she just quietly and humbly led the World's Championship Horse Show to new heights.

Let's also not forget her leadership in bringing the Tom Moore statue to the front of Freedom Hall, forever immortalizing our greatest horseman, exposing our sport to hundreds of thousands of people who walk into Freedom Hall - every year. When Mary Anne took the proposal of the statue coming to Freedom Hall to the Fair Board, it was very “chancy.” Nothing like that statue is at the Kentucky State Fair. When all was said and done the Board voted unanimously for the statue.

The good news is Mary Anne is not going anywhere. With her positions with USEF and ASHA she'll still be tirelessly and selflessly devoted to helping the sport of showing horses. And rest assured she'll be ready, willing and able to help the new Board member in charge of the World's Championship Horse Show in any way she can.

Mary Anne, thank you for all you've done.

Thank you for all you're doing.

Thank you for all you will do, serving us and our sport.

Jimmy Robertson

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