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Letter to the Editor from Dena Lopez

On behalf of Double D Ranch, and as Wild Eyed & Wicked’s trainer, we are thrilled to have him interred at the Kentucky Horse Park.

While we were initially reluctant to permit the exhumation of Wicked’s remains, it was only because the owners had previously agreed to his burial at Double D Ranch and because our questions as to what could be gained by such an exhumation had not been answered. We were also concerned that the site of his ultimate re-burial be suitable to a horse of his stature. After our questions and concerns were resolved, we agreed to Wicked’s exhumation and to his re-burial at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Wicked was a World’s Grand Champion, People’s Choice Saddlebred of the Year and two time winner of the Saddlebred Triple Crown. Wicked and I literally took our final bow together as horse and trainer at a horse show in Indiana just a few weeks before his passing. My hope is that Wicked will always be remembered for his accomplishments as a champion show horse, rather than circumstances surrounding his death.

His greatest pleasure was to be in front of a crowd in the show ring. His presence at the Kentucky Horse Park will ensure that he can be enjoyed by the public as much as he enjoyed them.

Dena Lopez

Versailles, Ky.

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