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Letter To The Editor - Dayton Horse Show

Over the last couple of years rumors have been ongoing as to the status of the Dayton Horse Show.  I hope this letter clarifies that the Dayton Horse Show is alive and well and that the facility known as the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, home of the Dayton Horse Show will once again be the location for the 2015 horse show.  Like many other shows, Dayton has had its ups and downs with entries but has maintained a strong level of entries over the last few years.  
Perhaps the strongest rumor regarding the horse show is the sale of the fairgrounds, as of this date no pending or sale transaction has been solidified regarding the complex.  It is highly possible that the 2016 Dayton Horse Show will again be held at the historic site.  It is hoped that all the owners, trainers and exhibitors will put their minds at rest and those who have sponsored or participated in the shows success over its many years can be rest assured that Dayton is alive and well and on solid ground.
Come See Us At Dayton
Tim Doll, Board of Directors

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