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Letter to the Editor from Cece Green Yelek


Dear Editor,

My name is Cece Green Yelek. My husband Dave and I own and operate Greentree Ranch. In 2005 Greentree Ranch packed up and moved to the north edge of the panhandle of Texas. You may think of Texas as well-populated with Morgans due to the efforts of the well-established breeders already in the state. Not so! Texas is really big! Greentree is situated a day and a half's drive from the devastation of Hurricane Rita and a full day's drive from the wildfires around the Dallas area. We have a whole new area to work in and join with Morgan people currently in the area.

We will do our best to increase the population, ownership and appreciation of the Morgan Horse.

In the mid 1990s my parents, Bill and Louise Green, grew ill and died. At that time I chose to retire from the AMHA board where I was director from Region 9. It is now time for me to go back to work for the breed and association I love, the AMHA. It is with this love that I am going to run for the board as a director at large. I hope you will find it in your hearts and minds to return me to the job I love supporting and working for the horse and association that have been my life since 1962.

Cece Green Yelek

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