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Letter To The Editor - Bonnie Sogoloff

Dear Editor: I have just returned from the American Morgan Horse Association annual convention. The convention was held in Boston, Massachusetts, a region abounding in professional Morgan trainers. However, you could have fooled a lot of people on that score, as the attendance by my peers was dismal at best. Yes, the regulars were there, and they came to the meetings and spoke before the convention attendees. However, more trainers paid for a plane ticket and took days away from their busy barns than those who could have hopped in a car and been there in no time. I feel compelled to admonish those in absentia. This convention was a wake up call for all of us. There is an element within our breed that is radical to the extreme, and they are determined to change the positive direction our breed has taken in the breeding shed and in the show ring. The change they are capable of invoking will affect not only our profession, but also our very livelihood. They are smart enough to get elected to the AMHA board of directors and will work from within to achieve their agenda. Now is not the time for self-centered apathy. All Morgan professionals need to actively support the organizations that serve them. By that I mean be a presence at the convention, attend UPHA meetings and AMHA rules forums, talk to your clients about issues, and VOTE for the AMHA board members who need your support. Respectfully, Bonnie Sogoloff Essex Junction, Vermont

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