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Letter To The Editor - To The American Saddlebred Community

(Editor’s Note: Florida Saddlebred exhibitor Jennifer Katko is sharing this tragic story with our readers. Horse show enthusiasts will recognize Jenn as the young lady aboard the country pleasure star CH Uncut Jewel, trained by Don Judd and Maria Gilman.)

To the American Saddlebred community-

On Father’s Day weekend, my 43-year-old husband, Andrew, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. After a 31-day hospital stay and a seven-day induction chemotherapy regimen, he achieved CR1 or complete remission. Andrew needs a peripheral blood stem cell transplant, which can cure someone with AML or other life-threatening blood cancers. Like most patients, his siblings were not suitable donors. His doctors at Moffitt Cancer Center rely on Be the Match to find a selfless stranger who could save his life. Although there are 10 million people listed on the registry, none are a “10/10 or perfect match” for Andrew. Next month Andrew finishes his final round of consolidation chemotherapy. Chemo alone gives him a 40% chance of a cure.  These odds are not good enough for my daughter nor I. With no donor in sight, each passing day Andrew’s battle to live a long and healthy life seems out of reach. Please help my family by joining on line at You could be the cure for Andrew (or take this opportunity to save a life).


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