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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this time to respond to the letter on your web site. First, it was the first time that Ive heard that a Buggy Horse was to impress the ladies; second, Ive been going to the Kentucky State Fair fifty-one years and I have never seen anything but a standardbred win the world grand championship.

Third, I reject the idea that we show reject standardbreds!! As for myself, I give quite a bit of money for my prospects.

Fourth, we are the only division that shows at the Kentucky State Fair and other recognized shows that our horses didnt have to be registered.

Fifth, this rule was voted on by the membership and it passed at nearly a three to one margin. Our Roadster Committee consisting of 15 members voted to make the rule for registered standardbreds to be in the rule book and existing horses now showing not registered all standard bred could be grandfathered in for their lifetime.

We are not looking for horses that look pretty coming down the straightaways and cannot trot the turns or go fast enough to get hot!!

Yours truly,
Raymond Shively
President American Road Horse and Road Pony Association


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