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Letter to the Editor

February 9, 2006


To the Editor:


Regarding the UPHA Executive Board’s letter dated February 7, 2006, in response to the proposal of the American Saddlebred Horse Association to the Kentucky State Fair pending since October 2005, there are just a few points to make.


Our leadership and the UPHA leadership have been in constant and close touch.  The UPHA leadership is invited to attend all our board meetings.  When, as in July and October, they do not attend, it’s important for me to be sure they’re informed of our actions and the reasoning behind them.  In the case of our proposal to the Kentucky State Fair, this was certainly the case.


Whether or not our organizations agree on various initiatives, we have the same goals in mind, and I’m confident that the leadership of UPHA fully understands what we have proposed and why.  We are looking forward to a very well-attended and informative convention so that others will become equally well-informed.  The division of the 2-year-old Three Gaited class at Louisville we’ve suggested is a small but important part of the steps our organization is taking to continue stimulating interest in and growing our breed.  Nobody in our leadership of whom I’m aware has anything but the highest regard for and commitment to all the breed standards we’ve set over the years.  And this includes, of course, the Saddlebred trademark of its full, elevated and flowing tail!


We very much appreciate the UPHA leadership’s praise of our efforts to better promote the breed.


Yours sincerely,


Fred K. Sarver, President

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