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Letter To The Editor

If you are a breeder, own a stallion, a mare, or even just want to be a part of the growth and future of the new American Saddlebred industry, you must read the following:

Futurities and Limited Breeders classes are the most rewarding events in the American Saddlebred show horse world. For less than two cents per day, or $60 per year, your colt can win $5,000 in the Indiana Futurity and/or $15,000 in the Kentucky Futurity.

You should nominate every mare you own into these futurities as well as those in your own proximity. How many times have you left some of your mares not nominated only to review your foal crop in July and realize that your best colt was not eligible? For two cents a day you could have won big bucks.

The Indiana Futurities are the second largest paying futurities in America. The winner of the Indiana Open Futurity will receive an estimated $5,000. The winner of the Indiana Amateur Futurity will receive an estimated $3,000.

Also, you will be at the All American Horse Classic this September 6-10, to show in or to observe the All American Weanling and Yearling Cups. An unbelievable record of over $350,000 will be awarded in the All American Cup and Indiana Futurities at Indianapolis in 2005.

It’s a new and exciting world for the positive thinker and futurity participants. No longer do we hear the horsemen saying, “If shown as a colt, the animal will not make a show horse.” They have been proved wrong. The facts are: There are statistics and pages listing hundreds of good show colts that went on to make grand show horses.

While in Indianapolis for the Indiana Futurity and All-American Cups you can also witness the exciting American Saddlebred Sweepstakes. Over $125,000 will be awarded in the two, three, and four-year-old sweepstakes. These sweepstakes have awarded over $3,000,000 since inception.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Jim Aikman

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