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Letter To The Editor

To the editor Having just read Jimmy Robertson's letter, I feel that this is one time we might have let our heart rule rather than our head. ACCORDING TO THE RULES OF THE UPHA ADOPTED MAJORITY OPINION SYSTEM, two horses were incorrectly placed in a class in question at the Rock Creek horse show, While it was truly a wonderful example of sportsmanship by Jimmy, by recommending the class to stand as incorrectly computed, management still has a duty to stand firm on what is the correct thing to by the rules. By allowing the results to remain unchanged( and management WAS willing to overturn the results) we are in effect "distorting the facts"----CH points, prize money,etc. When a horse race is questioned, management reviews the race, checks the finish, and rules accordingly. If the second place horse wins by the rules, but its owner and trainer say "it's ok", and the officials allow it to stand...........Jimmy, my good friend, this is one time your heart is just too big.......and that comes straight from my head. Sincerely, Bob Ruxer

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