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Let The Bidding Begin!


CAMBRIDGE, ON, -- Beginning at 8:00 a.m. on March 1 and closing at 6:00 p.m. on March 15, 2006, three donated breedings to premier trotting stallions - CR Renegade, Ashanti, and Promising Catch - will be auctioned off for charity to benefit The Kidney Foundation of Canada and the Canadian Road Horse Association (CRHA).


This event will run as a silent auction via the CRHA's website at (check it out for more details). Bids will be accepted by e-mail or fax.  To place a bid, simply send an e-mail to with "Auction" in the subject line.  Please provide your name and contact info, identify the stallion that you are bidding on, and your bid.  Alternatively, if you do not have access to e-mail, bids may be faxed, as above, to (705) 696-2044 or call (905)701-0231 for more info.  All bids to be in Canadian funds in minimum $100 increments.  Breeding arrangements will be made directly by the successful bidder with the respective breeding agent and will be subject to any terms and conditions that may apply.  There is a live foal guarantee.


Bids will be updated and posted each evening and throughout the day on the 15th.  Check back regularly to see if your bid is tops!  The successful bid will be the highest one received for each stallion by the closing time of 6:00 p.m. on the final day.  GOOD LUCK!!!


Special thanks to Winbak Farm of Canada for their donation of a breeding service to CR Renegade, Willowbroke Stables for their donation of a breeding service to Ashanti, and Canaco Farms for their donation of a breeding service to Promising Catch.  The CRHA is extremely grateful for their generosity and support of The Kidney Foundation of Canada and the CRHA.


So, what is a road horse?  If you like to watch horses with speed, brilliant animation, and beautiful conformation, check out to learn more about one of the most exciting equine disciplines there is or catch a class at one of your local fairs this summer and fall or the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto!  The CRHA is a non-profit organization developed a number of years ago in order to promote this alternative use for registered Standardbred trotters.




The Road Horse is the speed horse of the show ring, and their driving and riding classes are extremely exciting to watch because of the quick pace set by competitors.  Road horses are a case of art imitating life:  Today's competitors wear the colours of the 1940's harness racing drivers and the horses are shown at three different and distinct speeds of the trot - the jog trot, road gait, and at speed or "drive-on."  At all speeds, the roadster should work in form with straight and true action.  Animation and show ring presence should characterize the road horse, especially at the jog and road gait.  "Breaks" from the trot (cantering) are penalized.


Road horses must be of the Standardbred breed or the Standardbred type, of attractive appearance, balanced in conformation, and with manners which make them a safe risk in the show ring.  Often they are harness racing horses who have competed on the track.  Whether Roadsters are driven or ridden under saddle, much enthusiasm is always expressed by the crowd when these brilliant animals enter the show ring.


The Canadian Road Horse Association is now online!  Check out today!

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