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A Legend In His Own Time -- Pigness

Horse people are animal lovers to begin with and most love their dogs just as much as their horses. In fact, at many venues you have to remind yourself you’re at a horse show and not a dog show. Over the years many outstanding canine personalities have emerged on the horse show circuit, but none perhaps as brightly as Pigness Lurie.

Sadly, the famed English Bulldog died Sunday, April 4 with heart problems. “He started having problems on Saturday and by Sunday we had to put him down,” said Joan Lurie. “He wasn’t a dog. He was truly a person. It’s hard to lose a family member like this because he was with me day and night, went everywhere with me. I’ve never had a pet like him.”

Pigness was given to Lurie by fellow Morgan trainer Tom Caisse at five and a half weeks old and he has been her constant companion every since. Known on the horse show circuit from coast to coast, Pigness was a hit with all those that knew him. He was a five-time world champion at the Morgan Grand National in the Dog class being shown by Jane Longenecker King.

“He was nuts. He was Joan’s child,” said King. “He was as much her child as any real person could be to a parent. Most people knew Pigness before they knew Joan. She is a quiet person so I think people got to know her because of Pigness. She loved to talk about him.

“He’s the only dog to ever have a full page four/color ad in Saddle Horse Report. One of my greatest memories of him was Joan driving Whamunition at Oklahoma pulling a drag and Pigness attacking the drag during the Dog Show. He was one of a kind.”

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