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Ledyard Farms To Host Morgan Joust At Open Barn

Morgans have always been known for their versatility. On September 10, 2013 at Ledyard Farms in Kings Ferry, New York, that versatility will be stretched to new limits. Three Morgans will be competing in a jousting competition at the farm's annual open barn. At this event, three Morgans will be carrying knights in full suits of armor, charging around the arena with lances and swords. The Morgans all belong to Paragon Jousting, a horse company based a few miles from the farm. Paragon Jousting's owner, Scott Rodlin, and two of the company's jousters are employees at Ledyard Farms and the three riders will be competing for the title of champion of the joust at Ledyard's second annual open barn. Ledyard Farms had their first open barn last year the night before the New York Morgan Horse Show began. Bill Haines, owner of Ledyard Farms, invited Morgan lovers from the horse show and throughout the state to visit his farm, see his young horses, enjoy live music, and a delicious dinner.

One of the highlights of conversation at the party was the fact that Paragon Jousting had bought Morgans from some of the best breeders and trainers in the country. Paragon is the only joust company to use Morgans for jousting. In 2004, Scott Rodlin bought Menomin Mister Yankee (Green Meads Yankee x Menomin Mercedes). "Mister" was started in harness by Harry Sebring of Sebring Stables. When Harry returned Mister to his owners at the end of the show season, he had no idea that the horse would go on to become the most famous jousting Morgan in the country. Mister has been jousting for ten years straight and has done hundreds of shows in front of tens of thousands of people. He's performed from Maine to North Carolina and as far west as Wisconsin. Mister remained the only jousting Morgan in America until 2012 when Paragon Jousting purchased CBMF Headliner (DBA Street Talk x Stonecroft Love Story). The third Morgan to join the company was Ledyard's Nicolas (Futurity French Command x Anna Nicole). All three Morgans will be entertaining the guests during the joust at Ledyard Farms for the first all Morgan joust.

The event is open to all Morgan lovers and will be held on September 10, 2013 at Ledyard Farms in King Ferry, New York. A bus will be available to shuttle guests from the Syracuse Fairgrounds to the party leaving Syracuse around 4:30 p.m. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Ledyard's Assistant Equine Manager Rebecca Cooper at [email protected] or visit us on Facebook at

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