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Learn To Ride And Drive In Style Promotional Program

Do you want to increase your lesson program business?

It's as easy as 1-2-3

1. Sign up for The Equestrian Life ~UPHA/ASHA/AHHS promotional program via the UPHA.

2. Accept coupons for a free riding or driving lesson

3. Get that "free" lesson rider/driver to keep coming back for more lessons and create a new client!

Through the partnership of the United Professional Horsemen's Association (UPHA), American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) and American Hackney Horse Society (AHHS), a marketing campaign launching in August will put the horses and ponies that we all love into millions of homes.

UPHA brought a company called Equestrian Life to the Boards of both the ASHA and AHHS after their leadership expressed interest in a possible partnership. Following Equestrian Life's presentation of their program, the UPHA, ASHA and AHHS committed to fund one-third each of the expense of a three-month run with Equestrian Life beginning in August.

Launched in 2008, Equestrian Life is an equestrian media and marketing company focused on social media and video/television production via its own social media Web site platform, as an Official YouTube Partner, and with television programming in partnership with HRTV. They have produced more than 100 hours a year of original television programming which reaches 21 million homes via the HRTV channel. Co-founders John McGraw and Deana Bergquist describe Equestrian Life as a combination of Facebook and YouTube for passionate horse people. is a multi-discipline site with a focus on people's passion for horses. Forty-seven percent of the 40,000 members have an English following with 37% Western. They have another 18,985 new visitors to the site each month and membership is NOT required to watch videos.

Equestrian Life was the official Social Media Partner of the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games, producing nine hours of original television programming. They are also the Official Media Partner for the United States Hunter Jumper Association, United States Dressage Federation, HITS $1M Grand Prix and the Devon Horse Show.

In partnership with the UPHA/ASHA/AHHS, the marketing goals would be to increase awareness of saddle seat riding and driving in the show ring and other venues in addition to developing a brand identity focused on concepts such as high energy, safe, modern, glamorous, uniquely American, fun for all ages, and an English riding/driving discipline that is not about jumping.

LEARN TO RIDE AND DRIVE IN STYLE will be the campaign name, which will feature a 30-minute television program (with commercials) that will run a minimum of nine times during the three-month period, as well as a 30-second commercial spot about the program that will play a minimum of 20 times on television, as well as its use on web sites and at shows and other events (i.e. the jumbo tron at Lexington, Louisville and Kansas City).

In addition, a custom page on Equestrian Life is being developed outlining the ins and outs of saddle seat riding and driving. Ten web style videos, approximately three minutes each, will be produced addressing the commonly asked questions about saddle seat riding and driving. There will be a 300x250 Web ad created about the program that can be downloaded and used across the web. Equestrian Life also sends media alerts to its 40,000 members regarding the television show and its times. Below is the sample webpage:

The Equestrian Life member newsletter will also be used to promote the show and campaign along with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

So that we do have some kind of measure as to the reach of this campaign, a coupon for a free riding or driving lesson will be posted on the home page of the program on the web site. Those coupons can be redeemed at "UPHA approved" facilities across the country.


1) Must be an Active Member of two of the three organizations: UPHA, ASHA or AHHS

2) Must have an active Saddle Seat riding lesson or driving lesson program.

3) Must have a functioning website.

4) Must provide a link to Equestrian Life on their website to the Saddle Seat page and Ride and Drive in Style page.

5) Must honor and track each PROMOTIONAL PROGRAM coupon that gets redeemed at their lesson program, and provide this information to the UPHA.

6) Must post to Equestrian Life page jpeg photos of students who have redeemed a "Ride and Drive in Style" coupon.

7) Provide the UPHA** with a Rider Liability Release form (that each rider must sign.)

8) Provide the UPHA** with proof of liability insurance.

9) Release and proof of insurance must be provided to the UPHA Office.

Contact Kristin Stivers, Administrative Assistant, at for more information.

Applications will be accepted throughout the duration of the program, but we encourage stables to sign up early to get the most exposure.


Do I have to use Saddlebreds or Hackney Ponies exclusively in the lessons I teach?

NO: Our main objective is to educate the general public about Saddle Seat riding and driving. Once you get those riders returning it is then our job to educate the new riders/drivers about the American Saddlebred and Hackney Pony.

How much paperwork do I have to keep track of?

Only the coupons brought to you for the free lesson. One of the objectives is to know how many free lessons were given through the program to determine if it was successful. You will need to give a count of coupon lessons given to the UPHA. The program will run in August, September and October 2011.

What's the benefit for me to be involved?

By becoming an approved program you will have "free" advertising of your program through the Equestrian Life website, print media, social media, and television commercials and program on HRTV. You will also have the opportunity to "sell" your program to new clients and build your lesson program, as well as our industry.

Why do I need to take photos of the students?

To promote the program, our discipline, our breeds, and your own business. It's as easy as using the camera on your cell phone and hitting the share option.

"This is an exciting time for the American Saddlebred, Hackney Pony and Hackney Horse," said one of the program organizers, Bob Funkhouser. "This program is all about reaching people in today's world and we will be reaching people who already have a strong equine interest or are looking to come aboard. We all saw what an incredible reception our horses and ponies received at the World Equestrian Games and now we have the opportunity to expose our animals and their many disciplines to a similar audience every minute of the day, every day of the week for a three-month period this fall."

Contact UPHA, Inc. for additional information.
(859) 231-5070
4059 Iron Works Parkway, Suite 2
Lexington, KY 40511

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