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See and Learn From Living Legend – Marty Mueller Interview Available on DVD

Jim Aikman is at it again... this time working to capture the past to ensure the future. This new venture is a series of in-depth interviews of horse people from the past and present, their memories, favorite moments, training techniques, breeding philosophies, etc. These will be
amazing and touching stories from some of our industry’s finest gentlemen, ladies and horse people. 


The first DVD – Marty Mueller – is now available. Bob Ruxer, Don Harris, Donna and Melissa Moore, Rob Tanner, Tom Galbreath, John and Tammy Conatser, “Pep” Peppiat, Jack Noble, Hoppy Bennett, Bill and Nancy Becker, Bridget Parker, Redd and Charlie Crabtree, Dick and Jeanette Durant and the wonderful “Sug” Utz have already been interviewed and DVDs are in production. There are a host of others who will be recording their memories and wisdom. Proceeds will go to support worthwhile causes in the Saddlebred industry.


Here are just a few of the testimonials that have been pouring in:


Thanks, Vickie!  You can tell Jim that I am absolutely thrilled with the video.  I have really enjoyed watching it.  I have never met Mr. Mueller in person, but Jim and Bob really succeeded in preserving and sharing his fantastic personality through the video.  If you have a list of people who want to be on a permanent order list for these videos, you can add me to it.   I am happy to support such an important and priceless effort.
Christina Kranjec

Mr. Aikman - Today I received my copy of the Marty Mueller DVD and I thought it was very well done. I watched the whole thing this afternoon, and I enjoyed every minute of it. His stories were very interesting, while the training tips were great as well. Thank you and hope to see you at plenty of shows this year!
- Will Harris



Received Marty Mueller DVD this weekend.  Know you have heard this from everyone, but throwing in my two cents.  It is really great.  Enjoyed it very much and will watch many times.  Looking forward to the next DVD coming out.

- Katie Lindamood


The greatest 90 minutes ever.
Bill Marple

We had to stop the DVD several times to laugh (and a couple of times to cry).
Sandy Marple


Just got my DVD and watched for the first time. It's just a treasure and I thank you Jim for doing this. After seeing that little bit of video I now understand all the talk about Marty's wonderful hands. Thank you again Jim and also Bob for producing this wonderful DVD and I look forward to future ones.
Tracy Burkhead


We received our copy of the DVD today and you should have seen Nicholas’s face when he saw Mr. Mueller’s face on the case. He enjoyed the DVD immensely and we have only gotten about halfway through. This is a GEM and everyone should have it. Mr. Mueller and Mr. Ruxer’s interaction is wonderful as well – you can see such mutual respect for each other and the joy in their eyes talking over the old days. Thank you for doing this project, Mr. Aikman! What do you do for an encore?

- Sharon Ellingwood, Nicholas Villa Stables 

Thank you for this great service to us, and to the Saddlebred, furthering so many aspects at a reasonable cost. Please do more; we are hungry for knowledge that comes without a hefty price tag.
- Terry Carter 


Now Available – A Visit With Marty Mueller


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