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KYOVA Morgan Judging Contest

The KYOVA Morgan Horse Judging Contest will be held Saturday, May 23, 2009, at the Champions Center at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ohio. Here are the official rules for 2009:

Eligibility – Open Youth Contest
A. 4-H, FFA, AMHA and other organizations and members may participate. Members will be divided based upon their age as of January 1, 2009.
1. Pee-Wee Division- 9 & Under
2. Junior Division – 13 and Under
3. Senior Division – 14-21

Eligibility-AMHA Contest
B. AMHA Contest: Must be a member of AMHA at the time of contest. Members will be divided based upon their age as of January 1, 2009.
1. Pee-Wee Division – Age 9 and under
2. Junior Division- Age13 and under
3. Senior Division- Age 14-21

C. Contestants must be current members of the clubs they represent and approved by the appropriate organization for the club, state, zone, etc. Team coaches will verify the eligibility of each contestant as to age, school status, and membership of their respective organization at the time of entry.

D. No hats will be permitted, as they often obstruct view.

E. Teams can have a minimum of three team members, with the three highest scores making up the team composite score. The lowest score will not be included in the tabulation of the team score.

F. Every contestant may compete for individual awards.

G. No mixed-age teams may compete.

H. The Morgan Horse classes to be judged will be chosen from the following:
In Hand (Halter) Classes
Western Pleasure
Western Equitation
Hunt Seat Pleasure
English Pleasure (Saddleseat)
Pleasure Driving

Contest Proceedings
A. While the contest is in session, there should not be any conferring between contestants. Contestants shall not communicate with a spectator, unless directed by a group leader or judging contest representative. No cell phones or electronic devices Violation of this rule, and any other, is cause for disqualification.

B. Contestants will not be allowed to have any information or printed materials with them during the duration of the contest. Only blank paper is allowed in his or her notebook or padfolio. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate disqualification.

C. Twelve minutes will be given for contestants to place all non-reasons classes. Classes which will be used for the purpose of oral reasons will be allowed seventeen minutes. Contestants will be notified as to which class will be used for oral reasons.

D. The optional Oral Reason class will be used will be announced prior to the end of judging. Reasons will be given orally to the judge(s), which will take place in private rooms. Reasons will be given a two-minute time limit, and notes will not be permitted while reasons are given. Any contestant exceeding the two-minute time limit will be penalized.

Final Standing

A. For the Oral Reasons class, fifty points shall constitute a perfect score in the oral reasons. A class that is placed correctly, will also be awarded a perfect score of fifty points and questions for classes will be based on a perfect score of fifty points.

B. Once the awards are announced and presented, there will not be any changes.

C. Awards presentation will follow the contest. We will be using a scan tron system, please bring a Number 2 pencil.

Click here to download an entry form!

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