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Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show: Additional Rule for Pleasure and Park Classes

The following rule will be added to the qualifying system at the Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show in order to make a more level playing field, and it will apply to all divisions that require qualifying. The rule will become effective for the 2023 show season and is as follows:
The two (2) highest points a horse earns at each show will be the only points used for qualifying and added to the horse’s total points.  Those two (2) classes will be the ones counted as contributing to the six (6) needed for qualifying.  For example: If a horse is shown in more than two (2) classes at a single show and he earns points 8-4-3-1 then points 8 & 4 will be added to his qualifying points as these are the highest points earned at that single show. The other placings will not be added to the points for qualifying nor will the classes count for qualifying.
This new rule has been established to level the playing field and for the welfare of those horses showing in the divisions requiring qualifying. This will decrease the need for a horse to show in multiple classes at a show in order to accumulate points. If a horse only shows in two classes at a show this will not apply.  All WCHS eligible qualifying classes remain the same. 
This rule will take effect as of January 1, 2023, the classes and points earned from July 1, 2022 until December 31, 2022 will not change.

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