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Kentucky 4-H Horse Program Announces Saddle Seat Attire Rule Change

The Kentucky 4H Horse Program is excited to announce that they have changed the attire requirements for the Saddle Seat division to allow Academy attire as well as the traditional Saddle Seat suit attire.

The Kentucky 4H Horse Program hopes that this change will hone greater interest in that division by youth who may not own their horse, but are still very enthusiastic about showing their mount. The Saddle Seat Division is the smallest one in the program, and they are trying to increase its size. Therefore, they are putting a call out for all the Saddle Seat trainers who have a lesson program in their barn, to encourage those youth to join the 4H Horse Program in their counties and receive the great education that is available to them on top of the wonderful riding lessons they currently receive.

For more information on how to join the 4H Horse Program in Kentucky, please check or contact Ms. Amy Lawyer at

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