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Kentucky Governor Proclaims American Saddlebred Day

Proclamation by Ernie Fletcher, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
To All To Whom These Presents Shall Come:

Whereas, The horse industry is Kentucky's signature industry, and Kentucky is home to the world's most famous horses, including Kentucky's native breed, the American Saddlebred; and

Whereas, The finest Saddlebreds from across the country will travel to Louisville in August to compete at the Kentucky State Fair in the 104th World's Championship Horse Show, which is known as the "Kentucky Derby" for Saddlebreds; and

Whereas, This grand event attracts thousands of horses and people who come from across the world to see these fine horses;

Now, therefore, I, Ernie Fletcher, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, do hereby proclaim
August 25, 2007, as AMERICAN SADDLEBRED DAY in Kentucky.

Done at the Capitol in the city of
Frankfort this 17th day of July, in the year of our Lord Two Thousand Seven and in the 216th year of the Commonwealth.

Ernie Fletcher, Governor
Trey Grayson, Secretary of State

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