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Keith Bartz Impact Scholarship Award

The American Saddlebred Museum is pleased to announce the Keith Bartz Impact Scholarship Award. This year, the award is $1,500 and will be given to an individual dedicated to raising awareness of the American Saddlebred and improving the community. The scholarship will be awarded at the annual UPHA National Conference.

Keith Bartz was an individual who focused his time, talent, and resources on building the American Saddlebred Museum (ASM) and celebration of the American Saddlebred horse (ASB). His commitment to excellence and hard work helped build the ASM we know today. This scholarship celebrates his life by awarding $1,500 to an individual that exemplifies the same character and achievements. The Keith Bartz Impact Scholarship Award will be awarded to the individual that has demonstrated a commitment to the ASB and to excellence in their community.

Scholarship criteria and application information are listed below. 

Applicants must be twenty-one years of age or under. High school seniors, individuals enrolled in a two-year or four-year program at any college, trade school, or university are eligible to apply. 

Show substantial involvement with American Saddlebred horses and its promotion in the community.
May be self-nominated or nominated by another individual who can attest to the character and accomplishments of the nominee.

Provide an essay, no more than two pages, speaking to the nominee’s impact at school, home, barn and the community. 

Include full contact information and email to by December 1, annually, to be reviewed by the scholarship committee.

Please contact Jennifer Foster @ 859 259 2746 or

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