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Kalarama Farm Stands Behind SUCCEED(TM) Digestive Conditioning Program(TM)

, OH -- Long known for their successful breeding and training programs, Kalarama Farm isn’t just a tradition in the American Saddlebred world, it’s an institution. Now, the farm has put their respected name behind a product they credit with helping to support good health for their horses -- SUCCEED(TM) Digestive Conditioning Program(TM).
Formulated specifically to foster optimum digestive tract health, SUCCEED has been of benefit to both show and breeding horses at the farm. According to Kalarama’s Joan Hamilton, it has become an important tool in their pursuit of superior management for each horse at the facility.
“There’s no doubt that this is a great advantage for our horses,” said
Hamilton. “I’m truly grateful for this product’s development.”
Kalarama is home to five-time World’s Championship-winning stallion Harlem Globetrotter. Under the direction of Larry Hodge, the stallion won titles from 1982 until 1994. He is a leading sire of World’s Champions and, at age 26, has enjoyed the benefits of daily SUCCEED feedings.
“SUCCEED made a huge difference for Harlem Globetrotter,”
Hamilton said. “Now he has a bloom to his coat and his eyes are bright, he is filled out and looks like a much younger, happier horse.”
SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is a once-daily feed supplement for horses that is available in an oral paste or in convenient top-dress granules, formulated to support a healthy digestive tract, SUCCEED works while horses continue the rigorous training and competition schedules necessary for competitive success. SUCCEED helps support healthy horses from the inside, out.
“Kalarama Farm is truly a special place – and one that pays careful attention to the way in which they manage their horses,” said Patrick Warczak, Vice President – Marketing at Freedom Health, LLC. “We’re proud that, after researching and testing our product, Kalarama has recognized the value of SUCCEED for horses in both their breeding and competition programs."
For more information on SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program, including in-depth articles on digestive tract health and interactive presentations, visit Information may also be obtained by calling toll-free, (866) 270-7939.
SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is produced and distributed exclusively by Freedom Health, LLC of Aurora, Ohio. This company is focused on finding, perfecting and delivering superior, innovative products that address real and significant health-related issues for animals and the people who care for them.

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