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Judge Rules in Favor of AMHA Directors

Dear Morgan Family,

Today, a ruling was handed down from the Vermont Superior Court in the matter of Victoria Bennett vs. Mari Sanderson et al.  Judge Helen M. Toor issued the ruling dismissing Victoria Bennett’s suit in its entirety.

The ruling was based on a derivative action filed by Victoria Bennett, a former director and member of the American Morgan Horse Association, against current and former directors, officers, and directors emeriti.

Judge Toor ruled in favor of the defendant AMHA directors and officers on ALL counts. You can see the complete ruling on our Litigation page at

We feel the decision today vindicates the defendants’ dispute of the lawsuit’s allegations of mismanagement and further believe this ruling underscores the fact that Ms. Bennett’s complaint reflected a fundamental misunderstanding of the legal structure and mission of AMHECT.

As far as next steps, Bennett does have the option to appeal. Any further actions would cost AMHA additional legal fees, valuable staff time, and strained volunteer moral.  

As many of you have expressed concern, this matter has indeed cost AMHA a large sum of money. We continue to pursue insurance coverage for these costs and are hopeful that we will prevail in obtaining reimbursement.   We will be looking at our best course of action moving forward based on advice from our attorneys.

It is our sincere hope that we can now all move forward together and devote our time and resources toward our universal love for the Morgan horse.

Stay strong,
C. A. Lee, III
AMHA President

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