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Judd Thomas and Horses Survive Frightening Accident


On Friday, November 11, Anne Judd and Pam Thomas had set out for Kansas City with two Saddlebreds and one Hackney pony. Before they even left Florida, they began to experience instability of the three-horse trailer they were pulling with Judd’s trustworthy Suburban.


After severely swaying, the trailer lurched across three lanes of I-75 near Ocala taking the Suburban with it. The trailer then broke loose, slid along the guard rail and landed on its side.  Judd and Thomas got out unscathed and turned their attention to rescuing the horses.


Heartland Fireworks, fresh off a win in Hackney pleasure driving at a local show, was the first out without a halter on, somehow coming out thru the torn roof. Next a bystander released Answered Prayers who had managed to get out. My Teddy Bheir stood stuck in the middle stall. He was standing quietly, waiting for someone to help him out. Judd led him out as the torn roof was lifted by volunteers.


As Anne Judd recounts, “Answered Prayer and Heartland Fireworks took several heart-pounding minutes to round up as they gave quite a show for the spectators [and motorists]. The big chestnut Saddlebred and his tiny bay hackney buddy trotted in shock up and down I-75 until they saw Teddy Bheir and they came back to where we were standing so all the volunteers could corral them and I could get leads and halters on them.”


Linda Weber and Abbott Wilson arrived in less than an hour to take the horses to Hawkewood Farm. Amazingly the horses got right on their trailer.  The horses’ own vet, Dr. Jim Yanchunis, met them at Hawkewood and later reported that, despite some major close calls, the horses will all be fine.


Judd reports that the help and kindness from neighbors, police, EMTs, and motorists was extraordinary. Despite a 10-mile traffic back-up, there were no other vehicles involved or personal injuries. 


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