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Joint Leadership Council Works Together to Support Barns During COVID-19

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." – Helen Keller

The Joint Leadership Council (JLC) is coming together to unite our efforts to support our memberships and professionals in the show horse community from the impacts of COVID-19. The JLC is a group comprised of individuals appointed by AHHS, AMHA, ASHA, ARHPA and UPHA, who work together towards the concerns of the trotting breeds. In the past week COVID-19 has become one of those concerns. In the current reality that is living with COVID-19, doing everything we can to "Flatten the Curve," our barns and equine business across each breed and discipline are suffering. The JLC commits to helping lessen that suffering through creating, promoting, and providing education on relief efforts and resources. 

The precautions necessary to protect our loved ones' lives have left our community without the pillars of what build and drive the industry. When lesson barns can't give lessons, and there are no shows to take show horses, many barns, service providers, and vendors are now left without a viable revenue stream. To help combat these losses, the JLC encourages all able members to consider supporting their barn family in some of these simple but meaningful ways. Barns may need all the support we can give as they try to find a way to compensate for this unexpected halt to their businesses.

•Tip Your Groom Tuesday- To help the unsung heroes of our show horse community, we want to encourage everyone to help support the support team that makes your showring appearances possible, your grooms! If you are able, reach out to your barn managers, trainers, or instructors and ask how you can help make sure the grooms are taken care of and supported during these trying times. #TipYourTeam

•Feed Your Favorite Lesson Horse- Lesson horses are not just the foundation of your riding abilities, but they are often the backbone of the barn business. If you are looking for a way to help a lesson horse in your life reach out to your barn today and make a contribution to go towards the care, feed or supplies needed to provide your favorite lesson horse the best care while barns are closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. #LessonHorseLove

•Buy a Round for the Barn- Our barns may be closed to the public, but the dedicated trainers, instructors, and staff are reporting daily to take care of our beloved horses. Normally we may be going to Saturday Barn Family lunches or at a horse show buying a well-deserved dinner for our dedicated grooms. Let's not forget them during these days of social distancing call your barn and find out what afternoon you can support them and another local business by ordering delivery! #FeedYourBarnFamily

In addition to these simple ways to help support our barn families through COVID-19 pandemic, the JLC is also working on a joint initiative to raise funds for the benefit and relief of those in need from our memberships. More information on the joint relief fund initiative will be shared later this week.

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