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Joint Leadership Council Shares Second Industry Re-Opening Horse Show Survey

As the processes of “re-opening” is happening across the country, the Joint Leadership Council, Arabian Horse Association, and horse show professionals are re-surveying membership in a continued effort to assist competition organizers and participants in managing risk, procedures and safety protocols. Your feedback is an integral part of helping the JLC Industry Re-Opening Task Force to continue to address the concerns, protocols, and procedures of re-opening our industry in the wake of COVID-19 and make updates to our resources.  

This survey is a follow up to our April survey and will assist us in updating the competition organizers in our community of the current feelings, interests, and position of our members. The survey will be open for responses until Monday, May 18 @ 12 pm ET. We greatly appreciate all members from the trotting breed community taking the time to respond. Data from this survey will serve the task force as they work to help the safety, welfare, and best interest of our community.

When the Joint Leadership Council was created we obviously did not foresee a crisis like this, but we have been impressed by how much more effective working together has been in joint matters.  The whole of the trotting horse industry is much greater than the sum of its individual parts. Let's continue to work together and make a difference. More information on the JLC COVID-19 efforts available at

Survey Available HERE.

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