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Joint Leadership Council COVID-19 Task Force Announces Live Town Hall and Relief Guide

The Joint Leadership Council has created a special task force of volunteers to help navigate and simplify the process and opportunities available to small businesses for COVID-19 relief.  The JLC COVID-19 Task Force includes Josh Greer, Daryl Hopson, Karly Morgan, Evan Orr, Chris Schubert, and Rachel Seifert. We are grateful for these volunteers from our memberships whose different professional backgrounds and applicable experience will help provide guidance on COVID-19 Relief Resources for others.
The JLC COVID-19 Task Force investigated the different relief resources and has created this easy to read resource guidance document, available here. The guide is organized to be an additional support resource to members working through the process of applying for relief funds and making everyday decisions to help sustain their businesses through this time. This guidance is an overview of resources available as of this date and the task force will endeavor to update it as federal government websites update their information and/or additional funds or programs are made available. 
The JLC COVID-19 Task Force will be having a Live Town Hall hosted by Richfield Video Productions on Monday, April 13 at 1:00 pm ET. They will be taking live questions, but we’d like to collect as many questions prior to the Town Hall as possible. Please submit your JLC Task Force questions via email to the ASHA’s Jessica Cushing, by 11 am Monday morning.
When the Joint Leadership Council was created we obviously did not foresee this crisis, but we have been impressed by how much more effective working together has been in joint matters. The whole of the trotting horse industry is much greater than the sum of its individual parts. Let's continue to work together and make a difference.

More information on relief resources and COVID-19 support are available at

JLC COVID-19 Task Force Guidance Document here.

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