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JLC Reminds Members Following Guidelines is Key to Keeping Horse Shows Open

It is excellent that we have been able to enjoy horse shows at least once in every region of the country over that last few weeks. Our collective members are getting back to doing what they love, and our industry professionals can be back to a new normal, earning an income again. Yet, with this increased freedom and opportunity comes responsibility and duty to adhere to the protocols of the horse shows we attend.

It is paramount that all our members and show attendees are respectful of each show's individual safety protocols and adhere to them to ensure we continue to have horse shows to participate in. We all have worked diligently to have horse shows re-opened across the country and know that our members want and need them to go on. How we act now, will determine whether we can continue to have shows in the future.

The Joint Leadership Council (JLC) is proud of all state, regional, and local authorities that used the JLC Recommended Best Practices and US Equestrian COVID Protocols as a basis of confidence in re-opening horse shows in their jurisdictions. Re-opening was just the start, state and local officials are monitoring horse competitions all across the country to ensure we can comply with the rules and maintain their confidence to let horse competitions remain open.

Please familiarize yourself with the COVID-19 safety protocols and procedures for every show you attend, the JLC Best Practices for Operating Competitions, and the USEF COVID-19 Action Plan for USEF- Licensed Competitions when applicable. 

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